3D Coffin Cookie Class | Jersey Shore Cake and Cookie Convention USA | Sept 23 2023, 2-5pm

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I am very proud to announce that I will be teaching at the Jersey Shore Cake and Cookie Convention in September 2023.

You can sign up for my class on the website of the Jersey Shore Cake & Cookie Convention here: 



Class Description:

Level:  All levels of cookiers are welcome for this class but a basic knowledge about decorating with
royal icing (piping/flooding/consistencies) is recommended.

Learn all about creating 3D cookies with Marielle, a cookie artist from The Netherlands who specializes in designing, decorating and teaching 3D Cookies and Gingerbread Houses. During this class students will decorate ONE 3D Coffin cookie (the middle one in the picture with the wood decoration) along with a cute skeleton and a mummy cookie to ‘hide’ inside the coffin. In addition Marielle will also teach the piping of mini ribbon roses so that students can optionally place a ‘mourning bouquet’ on their coffin.

You will learn:
- How to assemble 3D cookies
- How to quickly cover 3D cookies with royal icing
- How to create realistic wooden planks and wood grain with royal icing
- Piping and flooding with royal icing
- Applying dusting powder to create shadow and depth
- Painting with food colors on royal icing to create a realistic look
- Handpiping mini ribbon roses on a flower nail and piping leaves
- Using edible ink pens
- Using acetate foil to make royal icing transfers
- Swag bag including a booklet with recipes and a voucher for

Please Note:
- All tools and materials for the class will be provided, but will need to be returned at the end of class.
- A box will be provided to take the cookies home.


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