3D Jewelry Box Cookie Cutter Set

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This listing is for a set of THREE cutters as shown in the second listing photo to make a 3D Cookie Jewelry Box.

>>>The large Plaque cutter is used for both the bottom as the lid of the cookie box.
>>>You could also use the Plaque cutter solo to make a large plaque or photo frame cookie.

The large bottom/lid Plaque cutter is 6 inches (= 15 cm.) in height and 4 inches (= 10 cm.) wide.

Our cookie cutters are made from food save PLA plastic and printed with a 3D printer.

PLA (polylactide) is a biodegradable and environmentally friendly plastic derived from natural resources such as corn starch, tapioca roots or sugarcane.

Our cutters can be used for cookies, fondant, clay etc.

PLA cutters are not dishwasher safe and should not be washed or soaked in hot water. Prolonged exposure to moisture and direct sunlight should be avoided.