Gingerbread Fairy House Class | Shore Cake Supply, Ocean NJ | Sept 21 2023, 10am-6pm

Gingerbread Fairy House Class | Shore Cake Supply, Ocean NJ | Sept 21 2023, 10am-6pm

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Gingerbread Fairy House Class

Instructor: Mariëlle de Vroome – 3D Cookie Cutter Shop 


All levels of cookiers are welcome for this class but a basic knowledge about decorating with royal icing (piping/flooding/consistencies) is recommended. To be able to finish this project in one day, some parts will already be (partly) prepared and the pace of this class will be quite high.

Class Description:

Learn all about creating fairytale gingerbread houses with Marielle; a gingerbread artist from The Netherlands who specializes in designing, decorating and teaching 3D Cookies and Gingerbread Houses.

In this 8 hour class we will be decorating this 100% edible Gingerbread Fairy House from start to finish. The measurements of the assembled house are 7 inches in height and 6 inches in width. All parts of the house are made out of gingerbread. The tree stump is completely decorated with royal icing and the roof is covered with fondant leaves. The roof is separate from the stump so that you can lift it and place a light in the house for an extra magical effect.

You will learn:

  • Tips & Tricks for baking sturdy and long-lasting Gingerbread Houses + special recipe for construction gingerbread.
  • How to assemble a Gingerbread House.
  • How to quickly cover a Gingerbread House with royal icing.
  • How to create a realistic wooden tree stump and stones with royal icing.
  • Pressure piping with royal icing.
  • The use of molds for fondant decorations.
  • Applying dusting powder to create shadow and depth.
  • Painting with food colors on royal icing to create a realistic look.
  • Handpiping flowers on a flower nail and piping leaves.
  • How to fit windows in gingerbread houses with ‘edible’ glass
  • Using edible ink pens
  • Make royal icing transfers (ladybugs, butterflies and toadstools)
  • How to cover a base cookie/cake drum with grass and moss.

 Swag bag including a booklet with recipes and a voucher for